5 Things to Consider When Buying an Engagement Ring


So. You’ve found her. That girl who makes your heart skip a beat. Who makes you laugh. Who laughs at your terrible jokes. The one you can’t imagine being without. And so, you’ve decided to ask the big question. Mildly terrifying, right? Fear not. While we can’t ask the question for you (sorry), we can help by breaking down the process and highlighting the 5 things to consider when buying an engagement ring. Read on, friends.


Lady’s hands with engagement ring

Her Style

While it’s natural to look at engagement rings with your own eye for style, it’s important to remember that your bride will be the one who is wearing the ring for many years to come, so it should match her design aesthetic. Look at her existing jewellery, and even her wardrobe and hairstyle for clues.

Does she favour classic, simple design? Perhaps she’s always browsing in markets and vintage stores, looking for romantic 1950s styles. Or maybe you’re in love with a complete glamazon, who loves nothing more than getting dressed up and making a statement.

Once you’ve got this part figured out, it’s on to step two.

Her Lifestyle

Engagement rings are worn all day, every day, for many years – so it’s essential that they suit the lifestyle of the wearer.

If your partner is outdoorsy, or goes to the gym a lot, it’s probably not practical for her to have a delicate, ornate ring with lots of stones, because there’s a good chance that a stone will get knocked out, or the ring will bend or warp.

On the other hand, if she enjoys spending time indoors and is more book club than bike club, more party animal than animal lover, a fancy style ring may be just her cup of tea.

Her Finger Size

This can be the step that causes many a would-be groom to lose sleep. How can you find out your partner’s finger size, without giving away the game? You don’t want the ring to be too small when you propose (Cinderella nightmare), and if it’s too big she won’t be able to wear it until it’s resized (although this is an easy process, only taking about half an hour).

If you do want to make the proposal a surprise, this does require being slightly sneaky. See if you can get hold of one of her existing rings, and either measure the diameter, or trace around the inside and the outside to determine the size. Don’t forget, fingers have different circumferences so make sure to choose one she wears on her ring finger, not a middle finger or pinky. We can then help you to determine the closest ring size.

Another option to consider if you’re worried about choosing the right size ring, is to propose with a beautiful diamond, and then design the ring together. Here at Simon Wright we offer a Perfect Proposal ™ package, with just this in mind.

The Stone

Diamonds are the most popular choice for engagement rings, because they represent the strength of love. That said, many couples opt for coloured stones like sapphires, rubies or emeralds, or even coloured diamonds, to create a piece that really pops.

Choosing a stone can feel overwhelming, when you’re expected to understand the 4C’s (cut, colour, clarity, carat) and how they all come together to create the ‘perfect’ stone – at the perfect price, of course.

At Simon Wright we don’t think it should be all that complicated. For example, diamonds are graded in laboratory conditions, so what you see under a white light with a high-powered magnifier is not necessarily what you’ll see in normal daylight conditions. While it’s helpful to understand the grading process, we suggest looking closely at a number of stones and choosing the one that is most beautiful to you, within your budget. 

The Setting

The metal you choose to set your stones in is an often underrated, but just as important part of designing the perfect engagement ring.

Platinum’s molecular properties make it the most durable of precious metals, but your choice will come back to your partner’s style, as well as her lifestyle. Rose gold for example can create a lovely vintage look, while yellow gold is classic and tends to suit women at all ages and stages of their lives. If you’re including coloured stones as part of your design, that will also influence your choice of setting, as you’ll want to ensure a harmonious combination.

Designing an engagement ring can and should be a joyful process, the start of many wonderful memories for you and your partner.

At Simon Wright, we’re here to help. When you schedule an appointment at our workshop, you’ll meet our knowledgeable designers in a low-pressure environment, and you can see your design come to life with our use of Computer Aided Design and 3D printing, making sure that you come away with the perfect ring for the most perfect person in your life.

Does that make you breathe a little easier?


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