The Process

Trained in both traditional jewellery making techniques, as well as 3D CADCAM technology, Simon is able to provide an informed and competent design consultation prior to making your bespoke engagement ring, wedding rings or jewellery.

An appointment starts with a small tour of the workshop and you will get to see where your custom jewellery will be made. You’ll see the 3D printers, Simon’s workspace and tools, and you’ll get a brief run down of the manufacturing process.

Before your appointment Simon will view and source a range of stones for you,  selecting diamonds or gemstones that are of a quality and value that is suitable. Purchasing precious diamonds and gemstones is not a simple matter of looking at a list of characteristics on a certificate. Characteristics can vary between stones, even when their properties match on paper. Simon’s experience and expertise in selecting stones for you will ensure that you only see the best quality.

Simon Wright fine jewellery sketches
Simon Wright precious stones

The design process then begins with rough sketches and an exchange of ideas. Once the stones are selected, Simon is able to move onto creating a CAD (Computer Aided Design) model. The design images are emailed to you within a few days allowing discussions about the design without having to come into the workshop for another appointment.

The CAD model will allow you to see what your engagement or wedding ring will look like before committing the design to platinum or gold. You can even see a wax model before you decide if the design is right for you.

The wax model is then cast in precious metal and the final piece is finished using traditional manufacturing skills and techniques.


Watch the video to find out how the design process works at our studio.



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