Cheapside Hoard Reproduction


Last year we launched our new Vintage Reproduction webpage, and ever since we have been inundated with your requests to create vintage and antique inspired jewellery.

One of these requests was from Simon Collins of Gvild (contemporary furniture makers), a client who wanted to combine our CAD and 3D printing skills with his artistic flare and creative ideas to make a reproduction of a ring that was found in the famous Cheapside Hoard.

Victorian diamond ring with black and white enamel

This hoard was a huge collection of jewellery and precious gem stones dating back to Elizabethan and Jacobean periods. It was unearthed in the 1900’s by a group of labourers excavating a cellar near St Paul’s Cathedral. Amongst this collection was a particular diamond ring which was delicately hand painted with beautiful white and black enamel. The diamond is table cut, meaning the top had been cut so it was flat causing it to have a bit more sparkle in comparison to its predecessors, a particularly progressive way of cutting diamonds at the time, this gives you a bit of an insight into how diamond cutting has progressed to the round brilliant cuts we know today.

Victorian diamond ring vintage reproduction

Victorian diamond ring vintage reproduction

Simon Collins took inspiration from this intricate ring and wanted to recreate it for his partner as her engagement ring.

Working closely together, and with information from the Museum of London, we created CAD images and resin models of the body of the ring, allowing him to practice his enamelling skills to recreate those flower motifs.

After a lot of tests and experimentation, the final ring could go ahead and be made.

three vintage reproduction rings

And here is the finished product, a beautiful enamelled diamond ring drawing inspiration from the past.

vintage reproduction ring on finger