Coloured Gemstones


Simon has always been a bit of a magpie when it comes to coloured stones, every so often coming across a special find that he can’t help but buy. The most recent purchase was this natural deep grey/green spinel.

Coloured gemstone on finger Simon Wright

Much like sapphire, spinel can form in a range of colours from blue to orange, but is most famed for its deep red hue often being confused with Ruby. One of the most famous of these mix ups is the ‘Black Prince’s Ruby’, which in fact is no ruby but a red spinel, the date of mining is unknown but there is record of it being owned by Moorish kings in the 13-14th century before passing over to the Spanish king Don Pedro of Castile (also known as Don Pedro the Cruel), this beautiful gem then made its way into the hands of prince Edward III or the Black Prince, allegedly as a reward for support in battle.

Being passed down through many noble English families, it has now found a home in the Imperial State Crown alongside the Koh-i-Noor diamond.


As well as this gorgeous spinel, we have a rainbow of fancy coloured diamonds ranging from canary yellow to turquoise blue. Due to their rarity, fancy coloured diamonds can fetch quite a sum, a perfect example of this was the huge Pink Star diamond, weighing at a enormous 59.60cts and sold for £57.3 million.  Although none of our fancy diamonds are reaching anywhere near that weight, they can be used as a flash of colour amongst white diamonds.

Using coloured gemstones in your engagement ring or jewellery can add a personal touch.

Assorted coloured gemstones