The Engagement Ring Process


What’s the process behind having a bespoke engagement ring made? Here, we answer that question by taking you behind the scenes at our jewellery workshop in London’s Clerkenwell. Led by master artisan and fine jewellery maker, Simon Wright, our team works with you from the initial planning stages right the way through to the finished ring. Read on to find out how that process looks in depth.…

Man holding woman’s hand with engagement ring

Consultation at the Studio

We start by inviting you into our Clerkenwell workshop for an honest chat with Simon, where he can hear firsthand what kind of ring you have in mind. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, you can rest assured that Simon is bringing a wealth of knowledge to the creation of your jewellery. However, it’s you who’s going to see it every day, so we want to make sure it matches up with your vision from the start. Simon takes a relaxed and friendly approach – there is no hard sell and no judgment; his priority is ensuring you end up with a ring that suits you, your personality and your budget.

Tour of the Workshop

Next, we’ll give you a tour of our studio workshop – it always helps to be able to picture where your ring will be made – and explain the various making techniques used over the course of making your ring with us. It’s also a great chance for us to answer any questions you might have about the process before you commit to a specific design, and help you to understand more about the quality of stones and metals we’ll be using.

Selecting the Stones

At the next meeting, Simon will have sourced a range of stones for you, selecting diamonds and gemstones that are of the utmost quality for your budget. Here he will take the time to explain the subtle differences in stones to you and you’ll be able to select which ones you’d like to be used. For example, if you’re having a coloured gemstone, there may be differences in how the colour is dispersed across the stone or slight differences in size and shape. Once the stones have been chosen, we can then place these into the plastic model to give you an even closer idea of how the finished piece will sit on your hand.

Draw Up Sketches

Then we put pen to paper. A traditional method but a vital one, Simon will sketch out some initial designs based on your discussions and what he’s learnt about your tastes so far. As art is a key influence in his work, Simon understands that proportion, negative space, perspective and the use of colour all have a bearing on what goes into making a bespoke piece of jewellery with him.

3D Printed Mockups

We will then use our 3D software to create a mockup of your ring in wax or plastic. This gives you the best possible idea of how your ring will look once finished – you can try it on to see how it will fit on your finger and to check you’re happy with the size overall

Final Adjustments and Creating the Finished Ring

Hopefully at this stage it will feel just right, but if there’s any adjustments needed we can easily make them at this point before we cast the model in the metal of your choosing. Then it’s up to us to bring these elements together and apply the essential finishing touches, resulting in the bespoke ring of your dreams ready to wear in a few weeks.

For us, the most important factor in our work is our personal approach – we believe that getting to know you better and having you involved throughout this process means you’ll have an engagement ring that is truly perfect for you. If you’d like to arrange an initial meeting to come into the studio, please get in touch here.



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